Status of Fluency in relation to WordPress 3.3 #1

Support Fluency Admin Posted: December 13th, 2011 at 03:52

Users of WordPress will be aware that the brand-new version 3.3 was released today. The current release version of Fluency Admin (3.2) is NOT compatible with WordPress 3.3 due to the significant changes that have been made to the admin UI.

If you've already updated WordPress you'll probably have noticed that the menus are now sporting a fly-out style very similar to what has previously been the 'signature' feature of Fluency. It's a fari question to ask what this means for the future of Fluency. Well...

I still plan on updating Fluency to be compatible with WordPress 3.3, I just don't have the time available to do it right now - usually I would aim to have the update ready at the same time as the WordPress release, but I've been working on other projects over the past few momths that have occupied all my free time (and then some).

At this stage the plan will be to begin work on the update early in the new year once I've got a little bit of time spare (I'm not putting any specifc date on it, I know better than that).

Oh yeah, and you're reading this message in my brand-spanking-new (still-quite-alpha) support forums. Beware of bugs. But more on that another time.

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  1. Hi Dean, I don't mean to pester you, but do you have an update regarding this?

    1264 days ago


  2. since this plugin has been a HUGE help with my web design business then I dedcided to go ahead and make the changes to get this plugin back up and runnnig with 3.3.  I have the source files for the plugin and would like to share with the community but I have no idea where to post the files.

    Let me know if you would like to review the files first and then push this for the update.

    1264 days ago


  3. Hey bigthink I'd be interested in seeing what you have/helping you test it in a few dev environments, wanna shoot me an email? 

    1258 days ago
  4. i'm also interested in seeing what you've got...

    1258 days ago


  5. @bigthink I'd like to see what you have as I am using Fluency on a couple projects and can't do the update without it.

    1252 days ago
  6. Hi Dean.

    Thank you for Fluency 3.2, I'm using it on a lot of websites !


    I write you because I'm impatient about a 3.3 version, for the new WP.


    New WP is unusable to me because they putted "WP" everywhere, also in the new orizontal toolbar.

    I use Fluency to somewhat "hide" the CMS I'm using, so I write you this hoping to give you a feedback of a reason why to use Fluency admin instead of default one.

    Also I want to alert you that Editor users can't see the "pages" menu+submenu with Fluency 3.2 active.


    Bye !!!

    1251 days ago


  7. @bigthink...I too am interested on what you have. Please contact me. Thanks in advance!! :)

    1245 days ago


  8. Sorrt to bother, any news?

    1244 days ago


  9. Hey bigthink, really interested too!  email me at info at cowgirlexpressions dot com - thanks!

    1243 days ago
  10. Please update on the status of compatability with Wordpress 3.3.


    Fluency is the best Template available and I am sure many people would agree that it should not go to waste

    1230 days ago


  11. News ?

    1229 days ago


  12. nothing yet? meeeeen this plugin its so cool! i guess its good news to know you are busy with a project at least, well you need to eat, right? =) but i was wondering if you are using free time to support this why you dont make a paid version so you can earn something for your time? i like when developers share their work for free and i also do the same from time to time. but a brother got to eat right? think about it, this plugin its one of those that shoudnt die. thnx for your efforts all these time. i will keep and eye on the project. oh! almost forget.... if you cant support it anymore, seek for someone to pass the project so we can work with it on a Github or something. thnx dude
    1228 days ago


  13. I fear that this plugin is dead ... maybe Dean seeing that the new admin interface is good enough, decided to abandon it.

    I reapeat my opinion: Fluency is a way to propose something DIFFERENT to our WP users, I use it to remove WP logos, change login interface, use my logo in the top-left angle ...

    I still find Fluency useful, for me it's mandatory. So I'll not update WP to 3.3 until I resolve this.

    Maybe some other admin theme plugin is avaiable around ?

    1221 days ago


  14. Bigthink, Where are your files? If you need an ftp to host them I'll be happy to provide one. I could really use a working version of this plugin for 3.3.1.



    1216 days ago


  15. is it not an idea to create a pro and a lite version of this?


    if it brings in money it's easier to keep things up to date..

    1210 days ago


  16. Hi guys, can we find all toghether a solution for this ?

    Like another plugin,
    or like fixing the actual one ?

    Honestly I can't update WP until I fixed this,
    and I have more than 40 websites using Fluency Admin.

    1207 days ago


  17. Nokao,


     It appears that bigthink posted above he'd fixed it, however there's no way to communicate with him directly that i can find here and the updated files are not posted anywhere. If someone wants to send me the updated files, I'll test them, post my results and the updated files. Feel free to send them to: warren at identiweb dot.. com and i'll post my results and a link to download the updated files here.

     Very odd there's absolutely no word on the status of this..

    1204 days ago


  18. Any nues? xD Yeah, I know it's news..

    1194 days ago


  19. Ok guys, let's surrender that Fluency is dead, we have to "downgrade" to another solution.

    We want to achieve this objectives:

    • customized login form (our company logo)
    • customized admin colors (our company-like)
    • customized admin style (like fluency was good)
    • our customized logo in the top of the admin like before?(secondary target)
    • I would like to have the "wp-admin" in another directory, like "admin"(secondary target)

    Let's search for other plugins that do this and put them toghether here ...

    1174 days ago


  20. After some googling:

    - customized login form is easy, it's plenty of plugins to do this but the old way (edit wp-login.php) for me it's the best.

    - customized admin colors & style is the biggest problem, I found 90% of what I was searching here:

    - about changing "wp-admin" to "admin" this is actually hard for commercial-related reasons, WP developers want people to know if the website is a WP website, this explains why themes and plugins folders are changeable and wp-admin is not.

    1174 days ago


  21. I come here everyday to see if there is any "new" news. Kind of depressing but yet I still have hope. I was a fan of the plugin from the very beginning before it was even as popular as it is now. I installed it on every single wp install period without question, and now I wait. I wish there could be some sort of community effort to get the next version served up to the world. I am by no meas a coder so I can't do it. I wish, at the least, that Dean could pass the code torch to some savvy young designer to keep the party going while we wait for the oracle of Fluency to return from his busy life. Until then, we wait. Here's to hope and still. We wait. :-{

    1173 days ago


  22. Hi guys ... I was coming every day for updates too, but this is my last post.

    First of all, I want to say that I don't blame Dean for abandoning this plugin, WP developers clearly looked and copyed his work, without asking, and at the same time they made this plugin useless.
    So he probably made the best decision doing something else instead of updating a dead plugin.

    Second, I wrote to:
    And I made a donation to him asking to add to his admin-restyler plugin the extra-functions I need taken from 4-5 plugins (no update nag, change login style, custom logo in the admin bar, rounded borders, ecc. ecc. Ability to change colors was already in the current version of the plugin).

    Plus a function to import-export styles so we can add this configuration = to all our customer's websites.

    So, Argonius is updating his plugin (this will take another week) and the next version will have ALL the functions that I (we) need, inside it.

    So I'm abandoning fluency admin, and I thank Dean very much for his work (for wich I made a donation long time ago when I fristly discovered it).


    1170 days ago


  23. abandoning a plugin is one thing, no one is required to write free plugins or donate time.

    Not saying a word in 5 months, leaving everyone wondering and leading everyone to believe there would be a new version in the last known statement:

    "I still plan on updating Fluency to be compatible with WordPress 3.3, I just don't have the time available to do it right now" -Dean (Posted: December 13th, 2011 at 03:52)

    That's just irresponsible. An update *ANY UPDATE* is owed to the thousands of people who used the plugin at the very least.

    1141 days ago


  24. @bigthink I'm also interested in what you have. Can you please contact me. Thanks bud ;)

    853 days ago